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Thanks for keeping DB alive in AUS! All contributions are appreciated. All donations go to the cost of the server of approx $45AUD pcm. Donors will have access to the 2 private slots on the server.
Welcome to the Home of the BloodSquadClan, warriors in Dirty Bomb!

We are a group of like minded mercenaries that joined forces to become the BLOODS.

Though not related, we are brothers and sisters in arms. Take one of us on and you take ALL of us on!

                                      "MESS with the BEST, DIE like the REST"

Server Rules and Banlist

Moderated by CasaNova

The following rules are to set a minimum standard of behaviour for the [BLOOD]BATH server. These rules are a guide only. At ALL times you must comply with a request from an Admin in-game. If you disagree with a decision made by an Admin, in-game is not the place to argue the point continually. Raise a concern once, then accept the decision of the Admin. Post in the forum linked below to continue the
discussion. Admins will only use admin commands for enforcing server rules and maintaining a pleasant and smooth server. Admins that use their privilege for personal gain i.e. ForceRespawn/ExtendTime etc. will have their powers removed.

*There will be times where
for fun purposes whilst there are only a few players who are not playing seriously that these powers can be used.

[BLOOD]BATH Server Rules

Failure to follow these will result in warnings and/or bans. You can appeal permanent bans and request to be removed from the list below on the BloodSquadClan forums:

RULE 1. No Toxic behaviour ie. bullying and harassment.

  • Telling people to KYS will result in an insta kick, and a possible permanent ban if behaviour persists: “Ren you are already on notice".
  • No blatant racist behavior, as well as general hate speech.
  • Hiding the objective or taking it away from the current playing area. i.e. Taking the Data Core in Bridge all the way to the first spawn.

RULE 2. No Team Killing or Bleeding on Purpose.

  • Team killing or wounding when Friendly Fire is enabled is NEVER acceptable.
  • Do not try to make a point by purposely killing and damaging teammates as a reason why Friendly Fire should be removed; it will only result in a ban.
  • When Friendly Fire is enabled it is customary in 'Ranked' matches for medics to kill/revive players to quickly improve their health. If a player asks you not to, then don't. If you abuse this as a way to gain xp by kill/reviving healthy players or to just annoy them you will be kicked or banned. “Do not kill/revive Karma...EVER.”
  • If you are team killed on purpose DO NOT RETALIATE KILL. Report to an Admin who will warn them if it's a new player and if it persists they will be banned. You can ofc call a Vote Kick on the player(do not abuse this).
  • Protest kills/wounding teammates is NEVER acceptable. We know some players are against FF already so will achieve nothing except getting yourself banned.

RULE 3. General Behaviour

  • Treat ALL players with respect.
  • If a player asks you to stop a behaviour, respect their wishes.
  • Do not constantly call votes. Call a vote once, then if it does not pass you have your answer.
  • Don't be a Dick!
  • Have fun, be nice! Happy fragging!

Current Permanent Ban List

Player Offence/s Details
Banned by
The Fat Bat Rule 1.
Racism CasaNova
The "Symbols" Guy Rule 1. & Rule 2. & Rule 3. Trifecta!
toxic comments/leaves before can be counseled.

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